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Make an impact for your business without increasing your carbon footprint!

Can’t Miss Marketing is one of only a few providers of Eco-Friendly advertising options in the US today. Our green marketing solutions allow your business to get noticed while still remaining true to your commitment to the environment. Leave an impression without doing harm.

Clean Graffiti Ads

We see all types of ads around us, but few make people literally stop in their tracks like a clean graffiti ad. So many of our customers have told us that people will stop and ask, “how did they do that?”. How many other business ads can stop customers at your doorstep?

Clean graffiti ads, also known as “Aqua Ads” allow you to create a unique marketing message right on the sidewalk, the side of a building, curb, or any concrete surface. Highlight your brand, promote a new product launch, or even create a walking path of footprints right to your door from blocks away. You may have seen similar ads using paint to attract visitors, but paint is not Eco-friendly and is far more permanent. With clean graffiti you can change your message more frequently and know that you are not harming the environment in any way.

Sand Stamps

If your business or event takes place on dirt or sand than this Eco-friendly option is a must have. Our unique sand stamp advertising lets you create a one of a kind ad stamp that you can use in dirt or sand over and over again. Is your bar or restaurant on the beach? Lead people to your door by stamping your message around the beach. Dirt bike races? Mud Runs? Get your sponsors ‘in the dirt’ with a one of a kind sponsorship display around the track.

Sand and earth stamps are a great way to get your business noticed while not harming the planet. And, when your message changes, simply change up the stamp. If you can dream it up, we can create a stamp for it. All of our earth stamps are made to leave a clean, easy to read impression in the sand. Use them over and over again, season after season. A truly cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising signage. Get Noticed / Be Remembered!

Snow Stamps

Remember the joy of making those very first footprints in the snow when you were a kid? Now you can get that same appeal for your business. Just like our sand stamps, our snow stamps work to display your message when the sand is covered and the snow arrives. Snow stamps are a great way to use untapped advertising space without a permanent impact. Stamp benches, sidewalks, snow covered cars, and literally anything with a coating of snow on it.

Use snow stamps to promote sponsors on ski and snowmobile events. Bring a new level of advertising to local winter festivals and tree lightings. Anywhere there is snow, snow stamps go. Create the design you want and we will get your custom stamp made to order. Durable, long lasting, Eco-friendly, and truly one of a kind.

Concrete Stamps

If you are putting in a new sidewalk or any type of concrete structure, our concrete ad stamps are a way to permanently imprint your company logo or tagline on the surface.

If you have a masonry or contractor business, a concrete ad stamp is your permanent and personal business card. Finish each project with a unique ad stamp of your company name and contact information. Each piece of work becomes a testament to your skills while letting everyone know who did it…and how they can get in touch!

With so many earth friendly advertising options, you’ll never have to worry about harming the planet just to be seen. Make your marketing stand out with Go Green Advertising solutions.

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