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Buy, Rent or Lease our proprietary mobile advertisement. Attaches to any vehicle to create an instant billboard.

With Tivo/DVR allowing you to fast forward through commercials, Satellite radio being commercial free, print ads taking a back seat in the internet age and pop up/spam blockers impeding the effectiveness of internet advertising; outdoor advertising remains possibly the most effective method. Mix in the unique and attractive design of our mobile unit and you will grab more attention than ever before on any normal static ad.

This mobile advertising unit gives the opportunity to differentiate from the normal signage most company’s have paid for in the past, which also means businesses can charge more to be featured on the sign because this sign is more appealing to the eye than any of the others and since it can be both free standing or mobile, it offers a wide variety of uses. Have the flexibility to use on the road for the weeks or months leading up to particular events and use later to promote sponsors and more during event day.

The mobile billboard itself is 70lbs in weight and locks in to a 2” trailer hitch receiver which can be installed on most cars or trucks. It has a unique “tri-panel design” which allows you to promote up to three advertisements at once while operating on a timer or frozen to just display only one. It’s eye catching appeal gives it a 97% higher retention rate compared to a regular static ad or car magnets and decals which pale in comparison. It is easy to maneuver and swings to and from the back of your car allowing for easy trunk access when needed. When not on the back of a vehicle, an optional stand and power supply allows you to post up wherever you feel is best and have your ads continue to display.

You Won’t Find This Unit Anywhere Else

It is currently nowhere to be seen on the road, making it one of the most eye-catching advertising platforms around.

The cost of these mobile advertising units are a 100% tax write off PLUS you are able to write off an additional $0.55 for every mile driven. With the amount of time we are all on the road these days, the tax write off will be a major benefit. That $.55 per mile does add up quick. One of our clients has reported that on their company vehicle, which gets about 16 MPG, they are writing off $176 for every full tank of gas they use (20 gallon tank, 16 MPG = 320 miles per tank. $0.55 x 320 miles = $176 write off). That is more than double what it costs to fill their tank at $4.00/gallon. Since having the sign they have driven about 10,000 miles and was able to write off $5,500 on their 2012 taxes.

We offer a 90 day warranty on all purchases. The mobile billboard is weather resistant so rain or snow is not an issue.

Buy or day/weekend rental packages available.

Safety First

Safety is our first consideration. Although these mobile advertising units only weighs 75 lbs., it has been developed with all the safety features of a two ton trailer. The safety features include brake lights, turn signals, and running lights exactly like a trailer. Unlike a trailer, however, the unit does not interfere with the brake lights, turn signals of the vehicle it is attached to.

The unit fits in the same trailer hitch that can pull a two ton trailer. Once the unit has been properly attached to the vehicle, the rear of the vehicle has two sets of brake, turn, and running lights that are visible to traffic. It includes a safety chain that attaches to the hitch receiver of the motor vehicle, exactly like a two ton trailer.

The ad area features a timer that can adjust the rotation of the sign prisms. If the motion of the sign is a concern to a transportation official, it can be adjusted to turn in increments of seconds, minutes, or hours. This unit is ideal for use by state, county, or local officials for public service and safety messages.

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Who Can Benefit From Using This Unit?

  • Commuters – great tax write off benefits, get advertisers to pay off gas expenses and then some
  • Small Businesses – advertise your business, generate extra income while promoting others, partners, paid sponsors, etc.
  • Politicians – ‘Vote for XYZ’
  • Police Departments / Security Providers
  • Arenas – Public safety vehicles can promote upcoming events, concerts, several home teams.
  • Car Washes
  • Car Dealerships
  • Courier Services – Secondary stream of advertising income while making deliveries.
  • Advertising / Marketing Agencies
  • Bars / Restaurants – Use on stand or on the road
  • Grand Openings – Rent or Lease – Prop on stand for day of grand opening, drive around for weeks leading up to grand opening
  • Marathons / Triathlons / Mud Runs/ Races of All Types – Promote Sponsors, use on maintenance trucks, grand stands, concession stands
  • Fund Raisers / Special Events
  • Golf Courses – Attach to beverage carts, maintenance trucks. Promote pro shop, upcoming events, restaurant, local businesses, golf outings (sell sponsorship on charitable events for more money).
  • Universities – Transportation vehicles, public safety vehicle, university center, school book store, promote athletic event on campus, guest speaker, graduation info, cap and gown info, (so many more opportunities)
  • Vacation Spots / Resorts – Attach to transportation vehicles, promote upcoming specials, local restaurants, etc.

Promote your business, promote others, or do both for the best benefit and income.