Unique Local Marketing – Dry Cleaner ADvantage

The Can’t Miss Marketing Dry Cleaner ADvantage Program offers your business a UNIQUE marketing opportunity for your Long Island NY business by utilizing highly visible ad space in a low competition market. Through our Cleaner ADvantage Program your business can use this mostly untapped, yet very effective marketing platform to reach a large consumer base consistently and affordably.

Thousands of people utilize dry cleaning services several times throughout the course of the year with many of these people using these services numerous times per week! This offers your business an opportunity to reach a very large and mostly ignored consumer audience regularly.

Dru Cleaner Ads Long Island NY
Dry Cleaners order thousands of garment covers annually, most averaging up to 2,000 covers monthly.
Your ad is placed in one of our highly-visible ad spaces upon these garment covers where it remains until those covers are depleted. Your message remains constant and visible for the entire life of your run AND since we never cross promote industries, you can be assured that you maintain your competitive edge within your market.

Want an even bigger ADvantage? Sign up to the “1 in 4” option for an even bigger space! Since we offer industry exclusivity on our ads, we encourage you to secure your spot in Long Island by giving us a call at 800-747-7971 and asking us how you can become an exclusive advertising partner in the Dry Cleaner ADvantage Program.